New service and new prices for privacyIDEA SLA

Full Application Security Review


In addition to the continuous unit tests, code reviews and integration tests NetKnights is going to conduct a full application security review on the OTP and two factor authentication system privacyIDEA. This review will be done by prestigious external security experts. Moreover, it is planned to renew parts of this review on a regular basis.

This way the transparent open source software privacyIDEA will become even more reliable and trustworthy. You as a customer get a better service and an even more stable installation. In addition you will get early and regular reports and documentation of patching of any findings.

NetKnights – securing your identity!

New Prices

In this course we will adapt the prices for the service level agreements by Juli 15th. The support level “Small Business” will be at 139€ and the support level “Enterprise” at 389€ per month. The support level “Provider”, which allows the paralllel installation of unlimited privacyIDEA instances and is thus well designed for hosting providers, will cost 1399€ per month.

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privacyIDEA applies for Open Source Business Award


The German Open Source Business Award (also called OSBAR) is awarded by the  Open Source Business Alliance. The Open Source Business Alliance in a German association of companies providing and working with Open Source solutions with about 200 members. The OSBAR is looking for innovative open source projects and ideas which provide a crucial benefit to companies and institutions of the public sector.


We believe that the open source project privacyIDEA covers these requirements. Compared to ordinary or classical OTP systems, privacyIDEA implements a lot of new ideas and thus allows for elegant solutions in your network.

This is why NetKnights applied with the project privacyIDEA for the Open Source Business Award. You may read the German application. privacyIDEA_OSBAR_2016

Two Factor Authentication with Event Handler Framework

privacyIDEA will provide an Event Handler Framework in the upcoming release 2.12.

Policies for Two Factor Authentication

Using policies you can already configure privacyIDEA in a very detailed and sophisticated manner. The administrator can define the behaviour of privacyIDEA. This way you can run privacyIDEA in many differenz scenarios and find a solution for all requirements. Policies change the authentication and authorization behaviour. The administrator can define security levels or perform an easy migration.


With the Event-Handler you get completely new possibilities. While policies change the behaviour of privacyIDEA, the Event-Handler does not change this, but starts completely new actions depending on events without changing the behaviour define by the policies.


event-handler-enThe screenshot above shows an event definition for the event “token_init”. This is the event of initializing or enrolling a token. In addition to the way the token is initialized, now the action “sendmail” is triggered. The logic is implemented in the handlermodule “UserNotification”. The interesting thing is, that such an action can be bound to any arbitrary event.


More Event-Handler-Module

The first event-handler module to be shipped is the module “UserNotification”. More modules are about to follow. A moduel “Enrollment” could trigger and action to enroll a certain token type for a user — as an reaction to any kind of event!

This way you get unimagined possibilities to design new, creative configurations and workflows. Once more privacyIDEA proves, that it is a modern, innovative and trend-setting authentication system.

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NetKnights at OpenRheinRuhr 2016

OpenRheinRuhr - Ein Pott voll Software

5.11.-6.11.2016, Oberhausen. The OpenRheinRuhr is an opensource conference in the so called “Ruhrpott”, Germany. There are roughly 30 exhibiters but several parallel tracks of talks. You get a new coffee mug (In German a “Pott”) every year and a coffee flat rate. The exhibitor hall is a former industrial hall built from bricks. Very cool. Very cool? It is November, nevertheless there will be a BBQ in the evening.

This year NetKnights again is a sponsor of this event.


privacyIDEA 2.11 with RADIUS Migration on Univention Corporate Server

privacyIDEA on Univention Corporate Server

privacyIDEA 2.11 is now available on the Univention Corporate Server. Using authentication policies privacyIDEA can conditionally forward authentication requests to external RADIUS servers. This way you can setup easy migration scenarios of old, EOL OTP systems.Logo_UCS_certified

You can find more on the RADIUS forwarding in the release notes.

SLA and Subscription

Already for a while privacyIDEA is available in the AppCenter of the Univention Corporate Server. This plattform provides an easy installation, maintenance and update. For running privacyIDEA on the Univention Corporate Server you need a valid service level aggreement. You may get your personal test subscription here.

privacyIDEA 2.11 released for easy migration

Today privacyIDEA 2.11 was released. This new version allows easy migration if you are running an old, proprietary 3rd party OTP solution.

Read more about easy OTP system migration with privacyIDEA.

If you are entitled with a valid support contract, please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any question.

privacyIDEA rewarded with THOMAS-KRENN Award

This weekend privacyIDEA was rewarded the 2nd place at the THOMAS-KRENN Award.

The NetKnights also thinks of privacyIDEA as a great two factor authentication solution and therefore provides consultancy and service level agreements to run privacyIDEA in your enterprise environment.

Webcast: Easy migration of your old OTP system to privacyIDEA

Using privacyIDEA 2.11 it is extremely easy to migrate your exsting, old OTP system to privacyIDEA. privacyIDEA is the Open Source two factor authentication system.


On March, 30th at 5:30 PM (CET) you will learn how to do this.

Alternative German webcast

There is also a webcast in German language. To register with the German webcast, please change the language at the top of this webpage.


privacyIDEA 2.10 released with Token Enrollment Wizard and User Self Registration

Ein einfacher, reduzierter Enrollment Wizard stellt sicher, dass der Benutzer keinen überfrachteten Dialog sieht.

A simple, clean enrollment wizard assures that the user does not get confused by a bloated dialog.

privacyIDEA 2.10

privacyIDEA 2.10 comes with a bunch of nice user features to ease the life of the user and thus lower your help desk costs. You can read more about token enrollment wizard, user self registration and password reset at

Customer services

Customers with a valid Service Level Agreement for privacyIDEA get updates for all supported distributions including CentOS 7 and Univention Corporate Server. Customers with an “Enterprise grade SLA” are additionally entitled to receive an active update.


Additional Service for privacyIDEA support customers: CentOS 7 repository

We are enhancing the services for the support levels for privacyIDEA.

Services for Support Customers


Depending on the Service Level Agreement support customers already receive interesting services. Thanks to these services privacyIDEA is ready for the use in enterprise environments. NetKnights guarantees the functionality of the software. This way support customers do not need to worry about the Open Source “No Warranty”-disclaimer. According to the reaction times in the SLAs we work on eventual problems to solve these quickly and fuss-free. In addition we inform support customers in a timely manner about bugs and security issues.

With the support levels Gold and Platinum we offer more services like consultancy, special updates and priorization of feature requests.

In the course of further improving the services for our support-customers we also like to ease the process of installation and updates of privacyIDEA. To do so we now provide a repository for CentOS 7.

privacyIDEA CentOS 7 Repository


Many companies rely on CentOS or Red Hat as their Linux distribution. This is why we decided to provide a repository for CentOS 7 (or RHEL 7). Using this repository privacyIDEA can be quickly and easily installed and also easily updated.

Support customers get access to this repository. This way they can receive quick and realiable updates during their support life time.

Configuration and Installation

On the CentOS 7 system you need to create the file /etc/yum.repos.d/privacyidea.repo with the following content:


Then the following commands must be executed:

yum update
yum install privacyidea-server

privacyidea-server is a meta package, that will install the privacyIDEA program code, the Apache2 webserver and MariaDB. All components will be configured accordingly. After running the install command the only thing left to do is create an administrator and the new privacyIDEA system is up and running and ready for use.

You can find the usual and additional installation and configuration instructions in the online documentation.


Customers get their updates via the usualy yum update mechanism.

Your Service Level Agreement

Do you want to use those enhanced services? Get your Service Level Agreement today and by that you can assure, that all your important logins are protected with a 2nd factor and that you are always running the latest software release of privacyIDEA.


Update 2015/01/28

If you want to run FreeRADIUS you need to add a further repo:


Then run:

yum install epel-release
yum install privacyidea-radius