privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition

Companies working with credit card data need to comply to PCI DSS. In section 8.3 PCI DSS 3.0requires the use of two factor authentication.

Modular Two Factor Authentication Solution

privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition with Service Level Agreements

The privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition of NetKnights GmbH contains:

  • The manufacturer’s warranty and your operational security, which fixes the "no-warranty" statement of the AGPLv3 of the open source privacyIDEA software.
  • Subscriptions to additional privacyIDEA stable software packages for CentOS/RedHat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu LTS.
  • Consultancy on your integration into network and workflows and prioritized feature requests.
  • Professional sSupport and Service Level Agreements.

What customers say about us

Customers Scenarios

We use privacyIDEA for customer projects to secure existing remote access like SSL VPNs.. Using operating system clients the access to the operating system can also be secured accordingly. SAML authentication can get a second factor. privacyIDEA integrates well with other web based opensource products.

Supported Token Types

privacyIDEA supports all usual push-button-tokens, OTP cards and Smartphone Apps. The support for SafeNet eToken NG OTP and Yubikeys must be pointed out. Both authentication devices can be initialized using privacyIDEA and thus the secret token seed is not known be the vendor or the distributor. privacyIDEA supports SSH keys and can manage the key assignments to your servers. In addition privacyIDEA can act as a CA for X.509 certificates.

Service Level Agreements for privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition

For the product privacyIDEAwe provide the suitable support with a defined response time and with fixed costs. A support contract runs for one year. Please ask us for 24×7 support.

To get an idea of all the services contained in an SLA, you may download the support conditions.

Included in all support levels:

  • Support term 1 year:The support is agreed on for one year.
  • Product liability: The AGPLv3 license contains the passus WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. If you are running privacyIDEA productively you may need a product liability which is granted by NetKnights.
  • Product enhancements: Assure the continuous development of privacyIDEA.
  • Easy installation and updates:The support levels provide you with install packages and repositories for you preferred distribution like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or Univention Corporate Server for easy installation and hassle free updates. Ask us for your preferred distribution.
  • Appliance: An appliance tool based on Ubuntu LTS is available.
  • Support via Email and Web: Support calls can be opened via Email or Web interface. The support case can be tracked via Web interface. The support case can be tracked via Web interface.
  • Security and bug notification:You are informed regarding security aspects of the product and bugs via email.
  • Flatfile / LDAP: Users located in files and LDAP directories are supported.


1900 /Month
  • 12x5: Mo – Fr 8am - 8pm (CET)
  • Response time: 4h
  • Installations: unlimited in your own datacenter
  • All users included
  • Telephone support
  • Preferred implementation of features
  • 3 consulting days per year
  • 3 guided updates per year
  • SCIM Resolver
  • HSM


520 /Month
  • 8x5: Mo – Fr 9am - 5pm (CET)
  • Response time: 4h
  • 1 productive installation
  • 1-5000 users (or more)
  • Telephone support
  • Preferred implementation of features
  • One consulting day a year
  • One accompanied update in the year
  • SCIM Resolver

Small Business

165 /Month
  • 8x5: Mo – Fr 9am - 5pm (CET)
  • Response time: 8h
  • 1 productive installation
  • 1-500 users (or more)

Test installation

Curious? You can get started quickly. NetKnights provides you with its own test instance. Test privacyIDEA at your leisure, without having to install it yourself…

Easy migration of an old two-factor system to privacyIDEA

You can easily replace an existing OTP system with privacyIDEA through a smooth migration.


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