privacyIDEA PAM

Two-factor Authentication on Linux Desktop

NetKnights GmbH provides interested customers with a beta version of the privacyIDEA Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) for Linux. PAM is a system of authentication modules used on Linux, which can be combined in many ways. This means that the login behaviour on a Linux system can be highly customised. The privacyIDEA PAM maps the communication with the privacyIDEA server and enables the administrator to enforce a flexible two-factor login for users on Linux computers.

Authentication is performed against the privacyIDEA backend, in which the administrator manages all user tokens at a central location in their own network.

Supported Token Types

The PAM supports a broad group of tokens such as the usual OTP token, challenge-response tokens as well as PUSH and multi-challenge tokens.
Offline authentication is also possible with the privacyIDEA PAM. For example, users can authenticate themselves with HOTP tokens if the privacyIDEA server is not available. This is particularly useful if the user wants to log in to their Linux laptop with a smartphone HOTP token or a Yubikey while travelling.


We are currently offering the privacyIDEA PAM to our customers in a controlled manner, as we would also like to collect your feedback during this phase.
Please contact us via if you would like to use the privacyIDEA PAM.

Service Level Agreements and Pricing

You can get different Service Level Agreements, which you can buy as add-on to your privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition.
Included in all support levels:
  • Support term 1 year: The subscription is agreed on for one year.
  • Product liability: The AGPLv3 license contains the passus WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. If you are running privacyIDEA productively you may need a product liability which is granted by NetKnights.
  • Product enhancements:Assure the continuous development of privacyIDEA and the privacyIDEA Credential Provider.
  • Security and bug notification:You are informed regarding security aspects of the product and bugs via email.


1420 /Month
  • 12x5: Mo- Fr 8am-8pm (CET)
  • Response time: 4h
  • Up to 10 domains/forests in your own data center
  • All users included
  • Telephone support
  • Preferred feature implementation


280 /Month
  • 8x5: Mo- Fr 8am-5pm (CET)
  • Response time: 4h
  • Installation in one domain/forest
  • 5000 users included
  • Telephone support
  • Preferred feature implementation

Small Business

130 /Month
  • 8x5: Mo- Fr 8am-5pm (CET)
  • Response time: 8h
  • Installation in one domain/forest
  • 500 users included


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