Here you will find solutions, which we have already implemented in previous projects. This describes the major project topics and the areas of competence of NetKnights.

Of course every person is unique. And in the same way, no project is completely identical to another. Soplease talk to us, in order to discuss the specific needs and requirements of your concrete project.

Online gamers would like to protect their invested money and time from unauthorized access by third parties. privacyIDEA enables vendors and gaming platforms to quickly implement flexible two-factor authentication.
For a large, volatile, heterogeneous user base like e.g. the students of a university, two-factor authentication must be introduced.
You run many servers where multiple administrators log on with SSH keys. To contain the proliferation, all SSH keys are to be managed centrally.
You offer a customer portal for their customers, where customers can trade high-value products and services. This means that the potential damage in the event of misuse or cyberattacks is relatively high. Therefore, access to the customer portal and login should be better secured. For customers located all over the world, a second factor comes into play.
The login to the Windows PC has to be easy for the employees, e.g. in the development department of an automotive supplier better be backed up with a second factor.
Every time sensitive data like personal data is processed, special care is to be taken or even required by law.
Personal data in the HR department must be protected against access by unauthorized persons. This can mean two-factor authentication and also encryption.
Access to the company network and to company data must be made possible for field staff securely, even when they are on the move.
You want to provide your banking customers with a modern banking experience. TAN procedures via iTAN or mTAN are no longer an option. You rely on modern online banking with innovative TAN procedures.


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