Multi-Factor-Authentication for Online Games

Protect user information in online games and role-playing games

Online Games are really hot for quite a time now. Players invest a lot of time and money to pimp their character. Such an account is worth quite some money and thus a possible target for cyber attacks and crackers. Players want to protect their investments and quite often ask for multi factor authentication or two step verification in the forum of those gaming platforms.

Logon Security using privacyIDEA

privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition allows the gaming plattform to easily and quickly integrate two factor authentication. A player could choose whether he wants to use a second factor at all or if he wants SMS, email, smartphone app or a hardware keyfob token to secure his account. Or whether he even needs multiple authenticators. Due to the simple REST API and the flexibility privacyIDEA can be easily integrated into any workflow.

The subscription model and the privacyIDEA service level agreementsalso scale easily. As the subscription is not based on user or token count, it does not matter if you are running tens or hundrets of thousands of users.

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