Our Vision

We believe in freedom and self-determination. That’s why we support our customers to regain control over their access and data with the help of our open source solution privacyIDEA.

We still live in a system that is characterized by fear and a thinking of shortcomings. But the world is abundance. An infinite freedom has been placed in our laps to shape and fulfill our lives. We carry this abundance and this freedom into our daily work. Our goal is to take pleasure in our own work, to inspire our customers and in turn to fill them with joy.

For this purpose we use a proven means of transportation for abundance: Open Source. With open hands, open source developers pass on their software to the rest of the world. And this is what the NetKnights do. Because the most important thing that customers can get from the NetKnights is not just the lines of code. Not a black box with hidden intellectual property that needs to be protected from the rest of the world. Rather, we provide our customers with know-how and skills. They receive services that build solutions that are tailored to their needs.

That’s why we develop the open source software privacyIDEA for secure multi-factor authentication, which we make freely available to the world. We support our customers in using this software. Thus they become independent and always have full control over their access and data. We build solutions for our customers that suit them, that are fun for them and take workload off their shoulders. They become independent and regain control over their access and data.

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