Secure login to Windows PC

Prevent password sharing

To login to the Windows PCs in your company username and password is used. Now the employees can work. May be you also implemented a password changing policy, so that the users have to change their passwords every 90 days. And they should change it to a “secure” password. Consequently, the users are annoyed.

Often, simple passwords are chosen or passwords are written down. Or passwords are “shared” between colleagues, so that – in case of vacation or any other inconvenience – an employee can work with the account of a colleague
As a consequence

  • the employees are annoyed,
  • Passwörter neben dem Monitor oder der Tastatur zu finden sind,
  • It is not possible to determine whether the employee is actually behind the user name.
  • and it is finally no longer easily noticeable whether attacks on passwords have actually taken place.

Rather the interests of the company are

  • that employees are satisfied and do not have to waste time for unneccessary IT-tasks,
  • that passwords can be memorized easily and do not have to be written down,
  • that the account name really maps to the real employee
  • and that attacks on accounts can be avoided.

The Authentication Solution

NetKnights helps you to find the authentication solution

  • make the login experience more tolerable for users,
  • that puts you as the company back in control and
  • that improves the IT security sustainably.

Smartcards such as eTokensor OTP tokens with theprivacyIDEA credential provider can be used.
eToken and e.g. the Smartdisplayer cards can be equipped with RFID, so that the same devices can additionally be used for time recording, access control or the canteen.

Another side effect is, that the employee will always carry the authentication device with her and not leave it next to the computer.

You can see how to log in to Windows with a Smartdisplayer card in a video.


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