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Prevent unauthorized access to personal data

The human resources department manages some of the most valuable data in your company. Personal data of employees must not – also due to legal restrictions – fall into the hands of third persons. Also the IT department, which is responsible for providing the storage and managing the backup, must not have access to those data.

But how can this be accomplished, if the IT department has administrative rights for management of the file servers, on which the data is stored? To create a parallel infrastructure excluding read access for the IT department is not manageable. Therfore the personal data of human resources should be encrypted so that

  • the encryption should be transparent so that the member of human resource can go on working with the data just as she used to,
  • the IT department still should be able to create backups and restore the data
  • but the IT department must not be able to read the data.

NetKnights implements such a scenario using different software products depending on your requirements. If needed, two factor authentication with smardcards or eToken can be added to secure the access to the encrypted data.