Privacy Statement

You can find legal information in our imprint.

We have made an effort to provide clear privacy statements for you. Depending on how you contact us or are in contact with us, we have formulated this accordingly:

Privacy notice for website visitors and our newsletter.

Data protection notice for business partners and customers.

Data protection notice for applicants. As we require applications in German language, please see the German statement.

Data Protection Officer

We have appointed a data protection officer for our company. You can contact our company data protection officer, Dr. Kevin Marschall, LL.M., or his deputy, Mr. Stephan Blazy, LL.M. (GDPC GbR), by telephone at +49 561 830 99 165, by mail with the address suffix “Data Protection Officer” or by e-mail at

For further information on the processing of your personal data and for related questions, you can contact us at any time or also directly contact our company data protection officer.

The PrivacyIDEA Authenticator App

The privacyIDEA Authenticator App stores information about the rolled out token, which is transmitted in the QR code during the rollout. This can be, for example, the username, email address, first name or last name. The app does not transmit any data to any location.

The app requires internet access. This is only used during the rollout of a push token and during the use of a push token. When using a push token, the Google Firebase Service or the Apple Notification Service is used. In addition to a cryptographic challenge, the token’s serial number is also sent via the services. The token serial number can be considered a personally identifiable datum.

The camera is used by the app to scan QR codes. The app does not store any images that the camera sees during the scan.


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