The Smartdisplayer cards are OTP cards. The cards have a classical credit card design and thus can be put into the users wallet easily. Being located next to the credit card this assures that the user will take care about it and carry the authentication device with him.

These cards are available event based (HOTP) and time based (TOTP). You can even get them with 13 buttons as a challenge response card (OCRA).

The sexy thing about these cards is not only the small size and the low weight. Moreover the cards are the first to be equipped with an ePaper display. Allowing the best readability from every angle.

In out customer projects we use the Smartdisplayer cards for authentication if the authentication device needs to be combine with the company ID card. The cards can be printed accordingly. The rollout is also very smooth as the cards can be easily sent in a usual letter. We recommend to use the Smartdisplayer cards with privacyIDEA.


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