privacyIDEA 2.18.1 on RHEL7 / CentOS7

As of today privacyIDEA 2.18.1 is available for RHEL7 and CentOS7 via our package repository. Packaging privacyIDEA for CentOS 7 is a special service for our Enterprise Customers, to ease updates and bug fixes. Existing customers can easily…

privacyIDEA 2.18 - authentication and trust

Today privacyIDEA 2.18 was released. Packages are available in the launchpad respository for Ubuntu 14.04LTS and 16.04LTS. Using the Python package index privacyIDEA can be installed on any distribution. privacyIDEA manages certificate authorities The…
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Two factor authentication everywhere with privacyIDEA LDAP-Proxy

In order to secure the login process with two factor authentication in an application there are different approaches. Two-Factor-Authentication via standard protocols and plugins With privacyIDEA we used standard protocols like RADIUS and…
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privacyIDEA 2.17 on Univention Coporate Server

As of now privacyIDEA 2.17 is available on the Univention Coporate Server. We already wrote about the new features in privacyIDEA 2.17. Customers who rely on the Univention Corporate Server can now update to version 2.17 easily out of the Univention…
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privacyIDEA 2.17 - Improve Event Handling. Flexible triggering of SMS

privacyIDEA was released in version 2.17. As always NetKnights provides consultancy and service level agreements for the privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition. For more details on version 2.17 see the privacyIDEA blog.

NetKnights is sponsor at Chemnitzer Linux days 2017

In 2017 NetKnights again will be sponsor of the Chemnitzer Linuxtage.  We are happy and grateful that so many people organize very interesting open source events on a voluntary basis! The Chemnitzer Linuxtage take place on March 11th…

privacyIDEA 2.16 available on the Univention Corporate Server

privacyIDEA 2.16.1 is available on the Univention Corporate Server. Now customers with a UCS subscription can also update to version 2.16 and use the improve Event Handler and Web UI. In privacyIDEA4UCS we released a patch level 2.16.1, which…

ownCloud Two Factor Authentication

ownCloud and privacyIDEA With ownCloud 9.1 a new authentication framework for two factor authentication provider was introduced. We implemented the privacyIDEA ownCloud App which connects ownCloud with privacyIDEA. This way you are able…
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privacyIDEA 2.16 - secure your data - flexible events

On November 10th privacyIDEA 2.16 was released. New Main Features privacyIDEA 2.16 comes with three new main features: Improved event handling, subscription management and improved hardware security module support. The hardware security module…
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privacyIDEA Enrollment Station for Yubikey and Nitrokey

Using the Yubikey and the Nitrokey with privacyIDEA is great. With the privacyIDEA admin client you can initialize the secret seeeds on both devices and thus achieving the highest trust with privacyIDEA. The vendor does not generate the…
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Two-Factor-Authentication for ownCloud

Here we will show you, how you can add enterprise ready two factor authentication to your ownCloud installation. You need an ownCloud installation with a version equal or greater than 9.1. Then you need a privacyIDEA installation. For a guide…
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Migrate LinOTP to privacyIDEA

The authentication system LinOTP 2 has been around since 2010. privacyIDEA is a fork that was introduced in 2014 which features a more modern architecture. This post explains to you, how you can easily migrate all your authentication tokens…

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