19. March 2024

privacyIDEA Authenticator App Version 4.3.0 released

NetKnights GmbH has released version 4.3.0 of the privacyIDEA Authenticator app. New features have been added, such as the import of tokens and a new search function.

After a two-week beta phase, NetKnights has now released version 4.3.0 of the privacyIDEA Authenticator app. Below you will find an overview of the new features of the current app version.

New features

In version 4.3.0 of the privacyIDEA Authenticator App it is now possible to import tokens from other Authenticator Apps. Google, Aegis and 2FAs are currently supported.

Additionally, app users can send their feedback directly to NetKnights and move push tokens to a separate list.

The search function in the token list has been introduced and widgets for individual tokens can be placed on the home screen on Android devices.


You can download the latest version of the Authenticator app from the Apple Store or Google Playstore, depending on your operating system.

You can find an overview of the new features in the changelog on Github.

For corporate use, NetKnights also offers a service level agreement for the Authenticator app as an extension to privacyIDEA.

About privacyIDEA

privacyIDEA is an open source multi-client and multi-instance capable system for multi-factor authentication. The privacyIDEA Authenticator adds a possible second factor to the system on the user side. Compared to other smartphone apps, the privacyIDEA Authenticator in combination with the privacyIDEA backend enables additional security functions such as secure, multi-level enrolment and authentication using cryptographic push messages.

Latest news
26. March 2024
privacyIDEA in Pasadena
In March, three colleagues visited the Southern California Linux Expo in Pasadena to present privacyIDEA and NetKnights. Cornelius Kölbel, founder of NetKnights, also gave a presentation on “A decade of Open Source”.
22. February 2024
NetKnights GmbH releases version 3.2 of the privacyIDEA OwnCloud Plugin and version 3.5 of the privacyIDEA Credential Provider. New features have been added to both components and existing functions have been improved.


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