Presentations and publications

Presentations and publications 2020

At you can find an article abouttwo factor authentication and privacyIDEA by Cornelius Kölbel.

Presentations and publications 2019

Ohio Linux Fest

Cornelius Kölbel gave a talk “Two-Factor Authentication everywhere” (English) in Columbus, Ohio in 2019.

Linuxtag Dorbirn

"Ab mit den alten Zöpfen – 2FA jetzt mal richtig". Cornelius Kölbel tells Linuxtag in Dornbirn how to get rid of propretary 2FA solutions and why you should do so.

There is also a video available.

Kielux 2019

“Open Source 2FA – Eine Bestandsaufnahme.” in Kiel at the Kiel Open Source and Linux Days.

ownCloud Conference

"In the blink of an eye – with the swipe of a finger. Easy 2FA with privacyIDEA push token"

At the ownCloud Conference Cornelius Kölbel talks about easy authentication at ownCloud using the privacyIDEA push token (english).

Texas Linuxfest

At the Texas Linuxfest Cornelius Kölbel gives a talk about migrating old 2FA systems to privacyIDEA: “Migrating 2FA to a lasting solution.” (english)


At the beginning of 2019 Cornelius Kölbel gave a talk at FOSDEM in Belgium “Add Enterprise 2FA to your ownCLoud in 15 Minutes.”(english)

Presentations and publications 2018

28.04.2018 privacyIDEA (Grazer Linuxtage)

28.04.2018 Successful Two Factor Authentication is a matter of smooth workflows (LinuxFest NorthWest) 

March 2018 Secure in a heterogeneous world – TLS certificates from Microsoft CA (Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2018)

Februar 2018 Enroll 2FA to thousands of users (FOSDEM 2018)

21.09.2017 Multi-Factor-Authentication: Why, When, How (oCCon 2018)

11.03.2017 Multi-factor authentication for 35,000 users

04.09.2016: Transparent multi-factor authentication for the clinic

21.08.2016: Two-factor authentication on the pulse of time

22.06.2016: Article on two-factor authentication in iX

An article by Cornelius Kölbel on two-factor authentication in companies appears in issue 7/2016 of iX

12.04.2016: Whitepaper on two-factor authentication with open source

Kalman Cinkler (Rempartec GmbH) and Cornelius Kölbel (NetKnights GmbH) work in the Working Group Security of the Open Source Business Alliance. Together, they wrote a whitepaper on two-factor authentication with open source components.

28.11.2015: Presentation at the T-Dose 2015 in Eindhoven

20.11.2015 Against the loss of control

Publication in Datacenter-Insider

18.09.2015: Your own two factor System with privacyIDEA

A presentation at the Kieler Linuxtage 2015

23.08.2015: All Mine! Secure access and data with privacyIDEA

A presentation at the FrOSCon 2015

22.03.2015: Strong Key Board

Manage SSH Key with privacyIDEA

Presentation at the Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2015 (slides and audio recording)


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