Presentations and publications 2020

At you can find an article about two factor authentication and privacyIDEA by Cornelius Kölbel.

Presentations and publications 2019

Ohio Linux Fest

Corneilus Kölbel gives a talk "Two-Factor-Authentication everywhere" in Columbus, OH at the Ohio Linux Fest.

Linuxtag Dorbirn

In Austria Cornelius Kölbel talks about migrating 2FA to privacyIDEA: "Ab mit den alten Zöpfen – 2FA jetzt mal richtig". (German). 

There is also a video available.

Kielux 2019

Cornelius Kölbel is in the North of Germany and wraps up open source 2FA at the "Kielux", Linux conference in Kiel.

"Open Source 2FA – Eine Bestandsaufnahme". (German)

ownCloud Conference

"In the blink of an eye – with the swipe of a finger. Easy 2FA with privacyIDEA push token"

At the ownCloud Conference Cornelius Kölbel talks about easy authentication at ownCloud using the privacyIDEA push token.

Texas Linuxfest

At the Texas Linuxfest Cornelius Kölbel gives a talk about migrating old 2FA systems to privacyIDEA: "Migrating 2FA to a lasting solution."


At the beginning of 2019 Cornelius Kölbel gives a talk at FOSDEM in Belgium "Add Enterprise 2FA to your ownCLoud in 15 Minutes."

Vorträge und Veranstaltungen 2018

28.04.2018 privacyIDEA (Grazer Linuxtage) (German)

Watch this video on YouTube.

21.08.2016: "Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung am Puls der Zeit" (German)

Watch this video on YouTube.