Using the privacyIDEA ownCloud App users can now login to ownCloud receiving a Push notification on their smartphone. The user logs in to the ownCloud web interface using his username and password. He then receives a push notification on his smartphone. Only after accepting this notification the user is finally logged in to ownCloud.

privacyIDEA ownCloud App in the market place

NetKnights published the privacyIDEA ownCloud App in version 2.6 in the ownCloud market place. Users can now login with a Push notification as second factor to ownCloud.

To achieve this the privacyIDEA server version 3.2 must be installed in the background. Push notifications are sent to smartphones running the privacyIDEA Authenticator App.

Messages between the privacyIDEA server and the smartphone app are digitally signed. This way evesdroppers can not manipulate the communication or run replay attacks.

Get in touch, if you want to add secure login to your company using flexible two factor authentication with privacyIDEA.