privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition 3.1.1 available


privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition 3.1.1 available

The two-factor authentication system privacyIDEA 3.1.1 is available in the enterprise repositories.

Last week the version 3.1.1 of privacyIDEA was released.
Compared to version 3.1 it fixes a problem in the audit log that the serial numbers
the token was not saved to the audit log.

privacyIDEA 3.1.1 is available via the usual repositories, in the Python Package Index and in the community repositories for Ubuntu.

For enterprise customers privacyIDEA 3.1.1 is also available in the enterprise repositories for Ubuntu,
CentOS/Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Univention Corporate Server.

You can get more information about the privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition.