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Secure two factor authentication with iOS devices

Full flexibility and improved security for the heterogenous enterprise scenarios

The privacyIDEA authentication system supports a lot of different token types. We support Google Authenticator and compatible smartphone apps right from the start. But the rollout process, which is defined by the Google Authenticator has certain weeknesses during rollout. The privacyIDEA Authenticator addresses and solves these issues.

Use privacyIDEA Authenticator to avoid identity theft

The privacyIDEA Authenticator is now also available for iOS devices. This way companies have the chance to get their 2FA system and workflow in one piece and allow a more secure enrollment, using the two step enrollment of the privacyIDEA Authenticator. This mitigates the risk of copying tokens during enrollment and avoids identity theft within your company.


The App is available in Google Play store and Apple itunes.

Flexible Two-Factor Authentication at ownCloud

With the new version 2.5 of the privacyIDEA ownCloud plugin, the administrator can now decide in which case he wants users to authenticate with a second factor and when one factor is enough. The administrator can make this dependent on the IP address of the requesting client. For example, he can force access from the […]


CIO Applications Europe: Netknights achieves top international ranking

This year, the trade magazine “CIO Applications Europe” has chosen NetKnights as one of the TOP25 security companies. The editors emphasized the great success of Netknights meeting the individual needs of companies from different industries – for example the healthcare sector, where the privacyIDEA system cooperates with famos IT solutions such as Citrix, NetScaler, CiscoASA and also with many VPN and firewalls. Thus far, the print magazine is one of the leading IT media brands in Europe. Its rankings lay a special editorial focus on important technological innovations among various sectors.

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privacyIDEA Credential Provider version 2.5

Today we release the version 2.5 of the privacyIDEA Credential Provider. The privacyIDEA Credential Provider requires a user to login to the Windows desktop or terminal server using a 2nd factor. The user could use his smartphone with a smartphone app, a one time password token, a Yubikey or Nitrokey to authenticate. As an alternative the authentication backend can also send an Email or text message, containing a one time code, to the user for login.

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NetKnights presents 2FA system privacyIDEA at it-sa

NetKnights will present privacyIDEA at the business fair it-sa. Effective new features are Pre-Event-Handling and Monitoring and Statistics, which allow the administrator to define very specific workflows and autormate tasks.
You will find privacyIDEA at the stand of ownCloud in Hall 10.0-428 – adding enterprise grade 2FA to file sync and share.


privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition 2.22.1

The privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition 2.22.1 comes with a few minor bug fixes in the Web UI and the server. Problems with OCRA and TiQR tokens were fixed. The usage of unicode in the resolver config with Oracle databases was fixes. A better error handling in the code for Hardware Security Modules makes this usage even more reliable.