2. February 2021

Cryptographically secure authentication with your own smartphone

IT security company NetKnights releases version 3 of its app "privacyIDEA Authenticator". The program turns Android and Apple smartphones into a secure second factor for multi-factor authentication. Thanks to the cryptographic push process, users can log in securely and conveniently.

NetKnights has extensively revised and enhanced privacyIDEA Authenticator for version 3. The app can now handle push notifications better. In case of problems with the push function, it is possible for the user to resynchronize the connection between privacyIDEA, the smartphone and the push services. Additionally, the app can communicate directly with the privacyIDEA server via polling as a fallback. 

Even if the app is running in the background or closed, the smartphone can receive push notifications for authentication. When the app is updated to version 3, tokens that have already been rolled out in the old app are still usable. In the previous version, due to the way the app encrypts data, there was an issue with some Android smartphones that the app did not work. This problem has been fixed in the known cases. For this purpose, Netknights has completely reprogrammed privacyIDEA Authenticator for version 3 using the device independent framework Flutter.

The new framework also has a positive impact on privacyIDEA Authenticator in other ways. It enables fast and robust development for Android and Apple smartphones simultaneously. Based on the new framework, NetKnights will offer customized apps in the near future.


The privacyIDEA Authenticator for Android is available in the Google Playstore and for iOS devices in the App Store.

About privacyIDEA

privacyIDEA is an open source multi-client and multi-instance capable system for multi-factor authentication. The privacyIDEA Authenticator complements the system on the user side as a possible second factor. Compared to other smartphone apps, the privacyIDEA Authenticator in interaction with the privacyIDEA backend enables additional security features such as secure, multi-level enrolment and authentication via cryptographic push messages.

For more information on the latest developments around privacyIDEA, visit our news.


Wesite of privacyIDEA-Projekt.

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