27. April 2021

Keycloak Plugin with FIDO2/WebAuthn

IT security company NetKnights releases version 0.6 of the privacyIDEA Keycloak plugin. In this version, users can now use their FIDO2 tokens, which are centrally managed in privacyIDEA, to log in to Keycloak.

NetKnights releases a new version 0.6 of the privacyIDEA Keycloak plugin. 

In this version, users can now use their FIDO2/WebAuthn tokens, which they have registered centrally in privacyIDEA and are managed there, to log in to Keycloak. The central management simplifies the use of FIDO2, because the user only has to register the token once, even if he uses it in multiple places.

Changing PIN while log in to Keycloak

The privacyIDEA server has allowed for a while that users are prompted to change their PIN during login. The new Keycloak plugin now also supports this functionality – regardless of the token type used.

Availability and Support

You can directly download the plugin at Github.

For critical enterprise use, NetKnights also offers a service level agreement for the Keycloak plugin as an extension to privacyIDEA.

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