21. January 2022

WebAuthn as a second factor for ownCloud

The new version of the privacyIDEA ownCloud plugin now supports WebAuthn and privacyIDEA’s multi-challenge method.

NetKnights GmbH provides a new version of the privacyIDEA ownCloud app that enables companies to perform two-factor authentication on ownCloud against the central privacyIDEA 2FA system. Second factors already rolled out in the company can thus be directly reused for ownCloud as well.

More usability and flexibility

In the new version 3.0 of the privacyIDEA ownCloud app, the user can now also log in with a WebAuthn token, which he has previously rolled out centrally in privacyIDEA. In addition to the ownCloud password, the user now only needs to click on a Yubikey to securely and conveniently log in to the ownCloud web interface.

In addition to WebAuthn support, the privacyIDEA ownCloud app now also supports multiple challenges. This allows the administrator to create flexible scenarios such as a 4-eyes login or resetting a token PIN during login.


The privacyIDEA ownCloud app is now available in the ownCloud Marketplace. The administrator can thus easily install it with one click from the ownCloud web interface.

For critical infrastructures, NetKnights offers consulting and service level agreements.

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