privacyIDEA was released in version 2.17.

As always NetKnights provides consultancy and service level agreements for the privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition.

For more details on version 2.17 see the privacyIDEA blog.

privacyIDEA 2.13 was released. It features a better PIN policy enforcement and improved SMS handling. You can read more on the privacyIDEA blog.

Go and test privacyIDEA 2.13 or ask for an online demonstration. You may also book your presonal two factor workshop to discuss and plan your scenarios. Secure your accounts by getting privacyIDEA 2.13 with a software warranty by choosing your preferred service level aggreement.

privacyIDEA on Univention Corporate Server

privacyIDEA 2.11 is now available on the Univention Corporate Server. Using authentication policies privacyIDEA can conditionally forward authentication requests to external RADIUS servers. This way you can setup easy migration scenarios of old, EOL OTP systems.Logo_UCS_certified

You can find more on the RADIUS forwarding in the release notes.

SLA and Subscription

Already for a while privacyIDEA is available in the AppCenter of the Univention Corporate Server. This plattform provides an easy installation, maintenance and update. For running privacyIDEA on the Univention Corporate Server you need a valid service level aggreement. You may get your personal test subscription here.

Ein einfacher, reduzierter Enrollment Wizard stellt sicher, dass der Benutzer keinen überfrachteten Dialog sieht.

A simple, clean enrollment wizard assures that the user does not get confused by a bloated dialog.

privacyIDEA 2.10

privacyIDEA 2.10 comes with a bunch of nice user features to ease the life of the user and thus lower your help desk costs. You can read more about token enrollment wizard, user self registration and password reset at

Customer services

Customers with a valid Service Level Agreement for privacyIDEA get updates for all supported distributions including CentOS 7 and Univention Corporate Server. Customers with an “Enterprise grade SLA” are additionally entitled to receive an active update.