Logo_UCS_certifiedprivacyIDEA version 2.7 is now available for Univention Corporate Server.

The two new big enhancements are support for U2F Token like the Daplug or the Yubikey and the signing of the JSON API.

You can register a U2F token for any user. Then the user or the administrator is able to authenticate with the U2F token easily and securely at the Web UI of privacyIDEA.

Some of the many new enhancements are:

When importing tokens you can choose a realm. This way all imported tokens get assigned to this realm immediately.

The audit log contains information, if a OTP value was used again. This helps the support members to identify problems with the login process of users and to solve this problems quickly and reliably.

You can easily install privacyIDEA from the Univention App Center.