PI-EnterpriseAs of last week privacyIDEA 2.15 is now available on the Univention Corporate Server. This way enterprise customers which use the flexible multi factor authentication system privacyIDEA based on UCS now get support for the authentication device Nitrokey and more flexible RADIUS integration with firewalls and VPNs.

The update of privacyIDEA can be easily installed via the UCS AppCenter. In addition you can find ready made virtual images for KVM, VirtualBox and VMWare in the AppCatalog.

Enterprise Support

For privacyIDEA4UCS there are two subscriptoins models. The simple model only contains the privacyIDEA Update Subscription. This allows you to use and receive updates of the privacyIDEA software. The privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition in addition contains a service level agreement and integrated consulting services.