Our core compentence is services and supportfor the Open Source product privacyIDEA. Please take a look at the privacyIDEA Youtube channel.


Latest press releases

privacyIDEA releases privacyIDEA PAM and privacyIDEA Shibboleth Plugin

NetKnights GmbH provides interested users with the privacyIDEA Pluggable-Authentication-Module (PAM) for Linux in beta version and the privacyIDEA Shibboleth Plugin in version 1.0.0. While the privacyIDEA PAM enables multi-factor authentication on Linux systems, the privacyIDEA Shibboleth Plugin extends the privacyIDEA SSO Plugin family.

Multi-factor authentication privacy IDEA version 3.9 is released

The IT security company NetKnights has released version 3.9 of the professional multi-factor authentication software privacyIDEA. The new token types daily password and application-specific password enable administrators to manage authentication to old applications centrally in privacyIDEA, even in heterogeneous environments.

Multi-factor authentication privacyIDEA version 3.8 released

Smartcard login with Yubikey and transparent rollout to all applications


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