7. June 2022

New user interface and simplified configuration of push tokens

IT security company NetKnights releases version 4.0 of its privacyIDEA Authenticator app. The latest version includes simplified push token configurations, improved stability and a new user interface.

Push Notification simplified

In the future, customers who use the privacyIDEA Authenticator app with push tokens will no longer need to create their own account. After the changeover to version 4.0 of the app, the configuration will be managed centrally by NetKnights. he administrator receives access data for the central administration and can then store these in the privacyIDEA server.
One less account to manage means less effort and contributes to the clarity of the application.

Tokens can be additionaly protected

To increase the security of the app, there is the option to additionally protect tokens as of version 4.0. For the unlocking process there is used the same method as for unlocking the end device. FaceID, PIN or fingerprint unlocking are thus possible. The user does not have to set an extra PIN. The server can either prescribe that a token should be additionally protected, or the user can decide to do so voluntarily. By updating, companies can implement possible compliance requirements more easily thanks to the extended security.

Revised UserInterface

In Version 4.0, the UI of the App was revised and made more modern. Along with this, the list of tokens has been revised. Tokens can now be sorted into the desired order. The feature thus contributes to better clarity in the application.


The privacyIDEA Authenticator ist available for Android devices in the Google Playstore and for iOs devices in the App-Store

About privacyIDEA

privacyIDEA is an open source multi-client and multi-instance capable system for multi-factor authentication. The privacyIDEA Authenticator complements the system on the user side as a possible second factor. Compared to other smartphone apps, the privacyIDEA Authenticator in interaction with the privacyIDEA backend enables additional security features such as secure, multi-level enrolment and authentication via cryptographic push messages.

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Multi-factor authentication also means trust. privacyIDEA offers several ways to store sensitive token data in an encrypted, secure manner, creating a strong trust anchor.


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