privacyIDEA Appliance

Our enterprise customers may now install and configure privacyIDEA as a privacyIDEA appliance, based on the Ubuntu 16.04 enterprise packages. This way customers get an additional flover in addition to the python package index, CentOS, RHEL, Debian and Ubuntu for running and maintaining privacyIDEA. The Appliance allows easy setup of MySQL Master-Master-Replication, RADIUS clients and Backup and Restore. It also helps to manage the Audit log.
You may read more about the privacyIDEA Appliance in our blog post or take a look at it in action in the youtube channel.

privacyIDEA 2.19.1 available on the Univention Corporate Server 4.2

The current enterprise version 2.19.1 of privacyIDEA is now available on the Univention Corporate Server 4.2. The last version on the Univention Corporate Server was 2.18.1. With version 2.19.1 privacyIDEA is also available on the new Release 4.2 of the Univention Corporate Server. Thus customers running privacyIDEA on UCS 4.1, may easily upgrade UCS to 4.2.
Read more about this in our blog.

privacyIDEA LDAP Proxy available

The privacyIDEA LDAP Proxy is now available as ready made product. The LDAP Proxy allows an easy integration of arbitrary native applications or web applications which only allow authentication via LDAP. This way no addition plugin is necessary. The privacyIDEA LDAP Proxy acts as broker between the application, the LDAP directory or Active Directory and privacyIDEA.
Read more about the privacyIDEA LDAP Proxy on our website.


Pick your calendar and write down some dates for interesting upcoming events!
At the end of summer Friedrich Weber and Cornelius Kölbel will give a talk about the privacyIDEA LDAP Proxy at the FrOSCon conference. NetKnights is also exhibitor and sponsor of FrOSCon and you will be able to ask everything you ever wanted to know about privacyIDEA and especially two factor authentication with LDAP.
FrOSCon takes place on August 19th and 20th in St. Augustin at the University Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany.
You may also take a look at Cornelius’ previous, enjoyable talks (German) “Alles meins!” and “Am Puls der Zeit” on Youtube.
In October 2017 NetKnights will be at the it-sa, the biggest German IT-Security fair in Nuremberg. NetKnights will also have a stand there. Read more about this in our blog post.

Dear reader,
yesterday privacyIDEA 2.13 was released. Read more about its interesting features.
You are invited to attend a privacyIDEA community web conference.

Have fun reading
Yours NetKnights

What is new in privacyIDEA 2.13?

privacyIDEA 2.13 was released yesterday. privacyIDEA is moving towards being more of a general authentication system. The times when privacyIDEA was a pure OTP system are long gone. SSH keys and certificates can be managed. In 2.13 the handling of further PIN policies was added. You can define how often the user needs to change his OTP PIN. You may also define, if the user should change his PIN on first use.
When logging in to the WebUI, the user is forced to change his PIN, if the PIN has expired.
Another new feature is a better text message support. The Event Handler Framework can now use SMS gateways to send notifications to the users.
Read more about privacyIDEA 2.13 in the blog post.

New logo for privacyIDEA

You might have realized: privacyIDEA has a new logo. We conducted a logo design contest and chose this logo to be the winner. We liked the tipped over ID, either to be a shield, a padlock or a crest. The logo works with and without text and on light and dark backgrouds.
We hope you like it as much as we do. Read more…

privacyIDEA Appliance and Setup-Tool

We started a privacyIDEA appliance. But we like to keep things simple, so we created a simple appliance. Corneilus Kölbel was inspiered by Hardware Security Modules he knows, which only provide a limited shell. We liked the concept of not running a webserver or a database. The core of the appliance will be the privacyIDEA Setup-Tool, which you can use to manage local admins, RADIUS clients, backups and…
…the database.
One thing, that was difficult for many customers was redundancy and setting up a MySQL master master replication. The Setup-Tool now does this for you. Automatically. Quickly. Reliable.
Take a look at this video to get a first impression.
The Setup-Tool will be available to all customers with a valid support contract.

Two factor article in iX

Cornelius Kölbel was able to write an article about two factor authentication in the respected German computer magazine iX. The article covers questions regarding the use of two factors in an enterprise environment regarding OTP, smartcards, smartphones, text messages and U2F.
If you have the chance grab a printed magzine 7/2016.

privacyIDEA community web conference

We are testing a new format of communicating with you – our users. We kicked of the first community web conference. In this web session and telco Cornelius explains new features and we discuss the use of privacyIDEA. You may bring up your own questions and idea.
You are heartly invited to join on July, 6th.

Dear reader,
privacyIDEA 2.12 is available since last week. Read more about the new features.
In addition NetKnights attends two interesting open source conferences in Germany.

Have fun reading
Yours NetKnights

What is new in privacyIDEA 2.12?

privacyIDEA 2.12 was released last week and is available via the python package index and the launchpad repository for Ubuntu 14.04. Customers with a valid support contract can install privacyIDEA from a CentOS/RHEL 7 repository. privacyIDEA 2.12 now contains an Event Handler Framework and an improve certificate management. In addition policies can now be defined in a timebased manner. I.e. certain policies may only apply at certain times. Read more about all the new features in the blog post. You may also watch a video explaining the Event Handler Framework. Take a look at our privacyIDEA Youtube-Chanel.
privacyIDEA 2.12 and the Event Handler Framework.

Conferences in June

Cornelius Kölbel will attend the open source conference Tübix on June 11th and the No-Spy-Conference on June 17th/18th.
At the Tübix in Tübingen he will give a talk about new developments in privacyIDEA. He will cover topics like easy migration using the RADIUS forwarding policy (new in 2.11) and the Event Handler Framework (new in 2.12).
At the No-Spy-Conference in Stuttgart Cornelius will give a common talk about the two factor authentication. This is based on a whitepaper that was released by the Open Source Business Alliance earlier this year.

Open Source Business Award

After winning a 2nd place in the Thomas Krenn Award with privacyIDEA we also applied for the Open Source Business Award. We think privacyIDEA is a great innovative product, that can help you secure your network in easy and flexible ways.

Dear reader,
the release of privacyIDEA 2.12 will be delayed. But privacyIDEA 2.12 will have interesting new features. A bug was discovered last week and privacyIDEA is supposed to get even better and more secure.

Your NetKnights

privacyIDEA 2.12 is delayed

The release of privacyIDEA 2.12 was planned for last week. But several events caused the schedule to break. With privacyIDEA 2.12 it was planned to support the open hardware “Nitrokey” with its OTP functionalities. Analyzing the integration revealed, that it is more complicated than initialy estimated. This is why the OTP “Nitrokey” integration was postponed.
In addtion a very interesting feature request popped up at github. We decided to implement this in a flexible manner. You can read more about it further below.
Finally, last week a bug caused some trouble.
This is why we moved the release date of privacyIDEA 2.12 to May 24th. Nevertheless, you may get excited about cool new features!

Bug in passOnNoUser

Last week a severe bug was foung. Customers were informed about this the very same day. In a special configuration scenario — which is not very common — it was possible to authenticate with an arbitrary password. The fix was published the next day.

Event-Handler in privacyIDEA 2.12

Version 2.12 will again have some cool new features. Probably the most interesting one is the Event-Handler. This is a mighty tool similar to the policies in privacyIDEA. Using the Event-Handler the administrator can define certain actions to be called in addition, if specified events occur. This was designed as a framework so that it can be easily extended with new modules.
Read more about this.

Security Review for privacyIDEA

We are investing the possibility to order a complete application security review by an independent 3rd party security firm.
Another goal for the long run is, to conduct regular security reviews with privacyIDEA evolving. For further information and interest please simply send us an email.

Dear reader,
privacyIDEA 2.11 is available on the Univention Corporate Server. A new online shop eases the ordering process. Give us your feedback regarding new features for privacyIDEA 2.12!
Your NetKnights

Survey for new features in privacyIDEA 2.12

There are ideas for new functions in privacyIDEA 2.12. We are curious for your opinion. We plan to add time to the user policies allowing for new functionalities. Please join the survey.
Moreover there is the brand new idea of user notificationson events regarding the tokens of the user. You are welcome to give any feedback.

privacyIDEA 2.11 on the Univention Corporate Server

privacyIDEA 2.11 is now available on the Univention Corporate Server. The Univention Corporate Server is a Linux based system that can provide a complete Active Directory or simple run as the robust basis for further applications like privacyIDEA. It integrates well with the SAML components of privacyIDEA.

New online shop

Especially for non German companies it is sometimes difficult to order, pay and receive NetKnights’ services. This is why we decided to provide an online shop to ease the ordering and payment process for both sides. The payment methods will be improved soon.
But still we are happy to talk to you, discuss your needs and provide you with your personalized quote!

Dear reader,
please join an upcoming web cast about an exiting new feature of privacyIDEA. During the last week privacyIDEA received two awards for being an innovative open source product.

Webcast: Migrate your old OTP-System

On March 30th we will conduct a webcast in English language to show you the new feature of upcomping privacyIDEA 2.11 for easy OTP system migration. privacyIDEA 2.11 will come with a new policy that eases migration drastically! Please sign up for the web cast. If you prefer a webcast in German language, you can sign up here.

privacyIDEA rewarded with THOMAS-KRENN Award.

The THOMAS-KRENN Award is a German award for innovative Open Source solutions. This weekend privacyIDEA received the 2nd place of this award, winning honour, fame and 2000 Euros of server hardware.

privacyIDEA BEST OF 20016

privacyIDEA is within the “BEST OF 2016” in IT Security Software in a German innovation price.

Dear Reader,
today you are getting news about privacyIDEA. NetKnights will be at the Cebit fair and at the Chemnitzer Linuxtage conference. Please accept our sincere invitation.
Your NetKnights

privacyIDEA 2.10 for Univention Corporate Server

In February privacyIDEA 2.10 was released for the Univention Corporate Server. An interesting improvement is the token enrollment wizard, which allows the user to easily enroll tokens on his own. Further enhancements are the user self registration and an improved email configuration.
Read more about the Univention Corporate Server.

Preview for privacyIDEA 2.11

We are working intensely on the next version of privacyIDEA. Besides other things privacyIDEA 2.11 will come with a better RADIUS configuration. This will allow for easy migration scenarios, so that you can quickly and safely migrate from the old proprietary two factor solution to privacyIDEA.

Talks at Cebit fair 2016

Cornelius Kölbel will give talks at the Cebit, the worlds biggest IT fair. On March 14th and March 17th he will talk about two factor authentication with Open Source.

Chemnitzer Linuxtage March 19th/20th 2016

NetKnights will be at Chemnitzer Linuxtage. You may use this event for a personal contact at our booth or listen to the talk about privacyIDEA.