11. May 2016

Preview privacyIDEA 2.12

Dear reader,
the release of privacyIDEA 2.12 will be delayed. But privacyIDEA 2.12 will have interesting new features. A bug was discovered last week and privacyIDEA is supposed to get even better and more secure.

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privacyIDEA 2.12 is delayed

The release of privacyIDEA 2.12 was planned for last week. But several events caused the schedule to break. With privacyIDEA 2.12 it was planned to support the open hardware “Nitrokey” with its OTP functionalities. Analyzing the integration revealed, that it is more complicated than initialy estimated. This is why the OTP “Nitrokey” integration was postponed.
In addtion a very interesting feature request popped up at github. We decided to implement this in a flexible manner. You can read more about it further below.
Finally, last week a bug caused some trouble.
This is why we moved the release date of privacyIDEA 2.12 to May 24th. Nevertheless, you may get excited about cool new features!

Bug in passOnNoUser

Last week a severe bug was foung. Customers were informed about this the very same day. In a special configuration scenario — which is not very common — it was possible to authenticate with an arbitrary password. The fix was published the next day.

Event-Handler in privacyIDEA 2.12

Version 2.12 will again have some cool new features. Probably the most interesting one is the Event-Handler. This is a mighty tool similar to the policies in privacyIDEA. Using the Event-Handler the administrator can define certain actions to be called in addition, if specified events occur. This was designed as a framework so that it can be easily extended with new modules.
Read more about this.

Security Review for privacyIDEA

We are investing the possibility to order a complete application security review by an independent 3rd party security firm.
Another goal for the long run is, to conduct regular security reviews with privacyIDEA evolving. For further information and interest please simply send us an email.

Latest news
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17. October 2022
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