18. July 2017

privacyIDEA Appliance, UCS, LDAP-Proxy, FrOSCon und it-sa

privacyIDEA Appliance

Our enterprise customers may now install and configure privacyIDEA as a privacyIDEA appliance, based on the Ubuntu 16.04 enterprise packages. This way customers get an additional flover in addition to the python package index, CentOS, RHEL, Debian and Ubuntu for running and maintaining privacyIDEA. The Appliance allows easy setup of MySQL Master-Master-Replication, RADIUS clients and Backup and Restore. It also helps to manage the Audit log.
You may read more about the privacyIDEA Appliance in our blog post or take a look at it in action in the youtube channel.

privacyIDEA 2.19.1 available on the Univention Corporate Server 4.2

The current enterprise version 2.19.1 of privacyIDEA is now available on the Univention Corporate Server 4.2. The last version on the Univention Corporate Server was 2.18.1. With version 2.19.1 privacyIDEA is also available on the new Release 4.2 of the Univention Corporate Server. Thus customers running privacyIDEA on UCS 4.1, may easily upgrade UCS to 4.2.
Read more about this in our blog.

privacyIDEA LDAP Proxy available

The privacyIDEA LDAP Proxy is now available as ready made product. The LDAP Proxy allows an easy integration of arbitrary native applications or web applications which only allow authentication via LDAP. This way no addition plugin is necessary. The privacyIDEA LDAP Proxy acts as broker between the application, the LDAP directory or Active Directory and privacyIDEA.
Read more about the privacyIDEA LDAP Proxy on our website.


Pick your calendar and write down some dates for interesting upcoming events!
At the end of summer Friedrich Weber and Cornelius Kölbel will give a talk about the privacyIDEA LDAP Proxy at the FrOSCon conference. NetKnights is also exhibitor and sponsor of FrOSCon and you will be able to ask everything you ever wanted to know about privacyIDEA and especially two factor authentication with LDAP.
FrOSCon takes place on August 19th and 20th in St. Augustin at the University Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany.
You may also take a look at Cornelius’ previous, enjoyable talks (German) “Alles meins!” and “Am Puls der Zeit” on Youtube.
In October 2017 NetKnights will be at the it-sa, the biggest German IT-Security fair in Nuremberg. NetKnights will also have a stand there. Read more about this in our blog post.

Latest news
24. November 2023
Erfahrungsaustausch und Unkonferenz mit den privacyIDEA Experten
In November, NetKnights invited their customers to Kassel to talk about privacyIDEA. For a whole day, multi-factor authentication was discussed in the Villa Salve, near the famous Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. The customer day was also a platform for customers to network with each other and get to know the faces behind privacyIDEA.
23. May 2023
Often not urgent - but important!
NetKnights hosts its third internal unconference in the countryside of Saxony-Anhalt.


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