Year: 2019

Two-Factor-System privacyIDEA 3.2 offers fully customizable authentication workflows
With version 3.2 of privacyIDEA, the administrator receives two new event handler modules to define rules that can modify both HTTP requests and HTTP responses of the REST API as required. This allows workflows to be highly customized. It is now possible to easily forward audit information to external log management tools such as Splunk or Logstash and process it there. The authentication at the REST-API has been extended so that a robust integration into any other application can be implemented.
privacyIDEA Authenticator App with Push for iOS
The privacyIDEA Push-Token allows easy 2nd factor authentication - now also with the iPhone!
privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition 3.1.1 available
The two-factor authentication system privacyIDEA 3.1.1 is available in the enterprise repositories.
privacyIDEA 3.1 released
In Version 3.1 wurden in privacyIDEA die Richtlinien weiter verbesssert. Administratoren können u.a. dedizierte Leserechte zugewiesen werden.
Consolidation of the market and migrations
Proprietary 2FA software goes end-of-life and requires painful migrations. privacyIDEA enables a smooth, automatic migration.
NetKnights presents Two-Factor solution privacyIDEA at business fair it-sa
NetKnights presents privacyIDEA at the ownCloud Conference
privacyIDEA, the two factor solution for ownCloud is presenting at the ownCloud Conference in September.
Single Sign-on with privacyIDEA
Companies more and more rely on cloud services. As a result, the number of accounts and the amount of login data are growing rapidly. However, if the number of user names and passwords continues to climb, interfaces and security risks will increase. Single sign-on with privacyIDEA therefore offers the option of centrally managing an identity in order to ensure enhanced security and flexibility.
Multi factor authentication system privacyIDEA at the Texas Linuxfest
The multi factor authentication system privacyIDEA will be at the Texas Linuxfest in Dallas. There will be a talk and a workshop to learn how you can easily migrate to this sophisticated open source solution.
privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition 3.0.1 released