23. May 2023

Third unconference by NetKnights

NetKnights hosts its third internal unconference in the countryside of Saxony-Anhalt.

In May, seven NetKnights went to the countryside of Saxony-Anhalt for two days – to the Diaspora.

Some NetKnights at their unconference

Here we wanted to retreat (No cell phone reception at some providers!) and think about relevant topics away from the daily work routine. For the third time now, we are taking the time to share problems, ideas or concepts that get lost among the pressing issues of everyday work.


We conducted this as part of an unconference. The proposed topics were evaluated on the evening of arrival and from this we created the discussion slots for the following day. We discussed technical things like "do microservices make sense" or the idea of pre-authentication. (see Github)

The idea of introducing a knowledgebase was also well received.

10 Years NetKnights

But we also discussed soft topics such as added value for customers and customer events. In 2024, NetKnights will celebrate its 10th anniversary. We also continued planning this.

May provided us with wonderful weather. The location gave us peace and space to let our thoughts wander next to the barbecue in the evening.

We are happy when we can continue our work in a natural and creative way and thus improve it more and more for our customers.

Latest news
24. November 2023
Erfahrungsaustausch und Unkonferenz mit den privacyIDEA Experten
In November, NetKnights invited their customers to Kassel to talk about privacyIDEA. For a whole day, multi-factor authentication was discussed in the Villa Salve, near the famous Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. The customer day was also a platform for customers to network with each other and get to know the faces behind privacyIDEA.
27. October 2022
Multi-factor authentication also means trust. privacyIDEA offers several ways to store sensitive token data in an encrypted, secure manner, creating a strong trust anchor.


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