privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition 2.21.1

Today we released the stable version 2.21.1 of the privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition.

The Enterprise Edition as version 2.X.1 is released a few weeks after the corresponding major public release and contains necessary bug fixes. You can read about the features of version 2.21 like the secure smartphone enrollment in our previous blog post.

Version 2.21.1 fixes the following bug:

  • The LDAPS connection to the user directory like OpenLDAP or Active Directory only used TLS1.0. The administrator can now configure the user resolver to also use TLS1.1 or TLS1.2.

About the Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition of the Multi-Factor-Authentication system privacyIDEA is ment for enterprises and organizations, which need a reliable update process. It is available for Ubuntu 16.04LTS, CentOS7, RHEL7 and the Univention Corporate Server. In addition the enterprise edition contains an appliance that helps you quickly and easily set up a high available master-master replication.

Please contact us if you have further questions, if you want to test the enterprise edtion or want to book a workshop.

privacyIDEA 2.20.1 Enterprise Edition released

Today we released the stable version 2.20.1 of the privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition.

The Enterprise Edition as version 2.X.1 is released a few weeks after the corresponding major public release and contains necessary bug fixes. We already wrote about version 2.20.

Version 2.20.1 now fixes some minor bugs:

  • When using PostgreSQL database the administrator can now filter for the data as expected.
  • During enrollment the default realm will be set as default in the UI.
  • Errors with PassOnNoUser and PassOnNoToken were fixed.
  • The genkey parameter during enrollment was consolidated.

The Enterprise Edition of the Multi-Factor-Authentication system privacyIDEA is ment for enterprises and organizations, which need a reliable update process. It is available for Ubuntu 14.04LTS, Ubuntu 16.04LTS, CentOS7, RHEL7 and the Univention Corporate Server.

Enhanced services for privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition

The Open Source Multi Factor Authentication system privacyIDEA is used by many users. NetKnights provides consultancy and support in different kind of subscription levels. Customers now receive more services with the privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition. These will be available by end of June.

Additional, stable packages

With every release the privacyIDEA project releases installation packages for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS on the Ubuntu Launchpad repository. NetKnights’ Support customers will get additional access to an enterprise repository. Those packages will be available a few weeks after the release of the project packages. The enterprise packages contain bug fixes of possible bugs that might have occurred after the official release. The enterprise repository allows customers to easily update to newer versions. Thus support customers have an easy possibility to automatically update to the latest stable version.

The enterprise packages will be available for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and CentOS 7.

Applicance functionalities

Within the enterprise repository customers will also find a tool, that provides several appliance functionalities. This way the administrator does not need to type in any commands to the command line interface and does not need edit any configuration files.

To allow for best robustness and avoid additional attack vectors, the appliance-tool goes without a web interface, a database and configuration file templates. This also allows still the experienced administrator to edit configuration files directly.

The appliance-tool helps the administrator with the usual configuration tasks…

The privacyIDEA appliance-tool covers the following topics:

  • Base configuration of the privacyIDEA service as used in the file pi.cfg,
  • manage administrative realms,
  • manage local token administrators,
  • configuring the RADIUS server and especially the RADIUS clients,
  • configuring the master master replication of the MySQL server,
  • automatic time based backups,
  • manual backups and restore,
  • automatic time based Audit log rotation.

…like configuring RADIUS clients

Using the privacyIDEA appliance-tool the administrator can quickly and reliably fullfil daily tasks.

…or define automatic time based backups.

What customers say

It’s not often that I find an open source package which is truly as well thought and polished as privacyIDEA.

John WhittenSenior Systems Administrator, Network Manager

Support from NetKnights is very good. I received actionable responses in reasonable turnaround times accompanied by code examples and patches when necessary.

Kurt BendlSenior System Analyst

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Safeword 2008 / SAM Express End of Life

Migrating SAMx provides a new chance

Safeword 2008 aka SAMx (SafeNet Authentication Manage Express) is going End-of-Life. SafeNet will stop providing support for SAMx by the end of 2017. In November 2016 (4 months from now!) they already will stop selling licenses for SAMx. I.e. if your company has 2000 SafeWord 2008 users and you need another 150 users, you will not be able to upgrade your license after 11/2016.


The end of Safeword/SAMx. New authentication devices and authentication methods provide you with a new chance.

But you may take the coming migration as your chance to open to new methods of authentication. You may head for a new, modern and modular authentication solution!

Advantages of privacyIDEA

privacyIDEA is a sensible solution for your needs.


  • privacyIDEA supports all common HOTP and TOTP tokens. In addition it supports many other special devices like Yubikeys, Smartdispalyer OTP cards, SMS, smartphones etc.
  • privacyIDEA is open source with high class enterprise support by NetKnights. I.e. a privacyIDEA installation will never go end of life.
  • You do not need to license privacyIDEA by users. You rather buy the corresponding service level agreement, which fits your needs. We provide a 10% discount, when migration from Safeword 2008 to privacyIDEA!
  • With privacyIDEA there are different ways to run smooth migrations, without the need to switch all users at once. Read more about migrations.

We provide customers migrating from SAMx/Safeword 2008 a 10% discount when ordering a service level agreement for privacyIDEA till December, 31st, 2016.

Order privacyIDEA now!

Read more about privacyIDEA.