privacyIDEA4UCS is a system that can be used to add two factor authentication to any existing application. Now, the user will logon to the application using a password (knowledge) and an additional soft- or hardware-device (possession). privacyIDEA4UCS is based on privacyIDEA and adapted and configured especially for the Univention Corportate Server.
It can be installed easily from the App Center and authentication devices can be enrolled to the users quickly. You can test it without any hassle.

A virtual appliance image is also available.

Maintenance and Support

You can test privacyIDEA4UCS with up to 20 users for up to 3 months. For testing privacyIDEA4UCS you can get your own idividual privacyIDEA4UCS subscription file.

Regular Service Level Aggreements

For the productive use you can choose from the following maintenance- and support-conditions. This way you assure, that you can contact NetKnights with all your support issues.

UCS Update Subscription

As an alternative you may get special UCS Update Subscriptions. These provide only limited services at reduced costs.

With the UCS Update Subscription you can receive updates for privacyIDEA on the UCS from the Univention App Center. You may enroll a defined number of active tokens. Updates for privacyIDEA4UCS are available in the App Center a few days after the release of privacyIDEA vanilla.

Bug fixing of relevant bugs is contained in the UCS Update Subscription. But the UCS Update Subscription does not contain any installation help, any support an no fixing of non-relevant bugs. After the UCS Update Subscription expired and you do not renew it, you can not enroll new tokens anymore.

The UCS Update Subscription can be combined with consulting voucher and support contingent.

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privacyIDEA Installation on the Univention Corporate Server