30. June 2015

privacyIDEA 2.4 on the Univention Corporate Server

As of now privacyIDEA 2.4 is available for Univention Corporate Server in the App Center. By this seamless integration privacyIDEA4UCS lets you deploy authentication devices quickly and easily and thus boosting your security with two factor authentication within your organization. Togeather with privacyIDEA we also updated “privacyIDEA RADIUS”, which provides an easy integration with systems like routers, firewalls and VPNs and other systems using the RADIUS protocol.

The changes and enhancements in privacyIDEA 2.4 are:

  • Add User Management
  • Add Admin Realms to policies, to allow better policies in bigger setups
  • Add API key, that can be used for accessing /validate/check
  • Load PSKC Token seed files.
  • Add more sophisticated logging. Severe errors via Email
  • WebUI: Registrtion token can be enrolled in WebUI
  • WebUI: The token seed can be displayed in WebUI after generation
  • WebUI: Only the token types that are allowed to be enrolled are displayed
  • WebUI: Login_Mode Policy: Disable access to WebUI for certain users
  • WebUI: Add reload button in Audit view
  • SQLResolver: The Where statement is used in all cases
  • SSH-Token Application: Only fetch keys of the requested user
  • Apache client can work with several hosts on one machine
  • Documentation: Tokentypes and Supported Hardware Tokens
  • Improve RADIUS module
  • WebUI: Fix download of audit log
  • Fix missing access right of user to GET /caconnector

You can get more technical details about the new core features API Keys, User Management and Administrative Realms in the blog article of the project website.

Latest news
26. March 2024
privacyIDEA in Pasadena
In March, three colleagues visited the Southern California Linux Expo in Pasadena to present privacyIDEA and NetKnights. Cornelius Kölbel, founder of NetKnights, also gave a presentation on “A decade of Open Source”.
19. March 2024
NetKnights GmbH has released version 4.3.0 of the privacyIDEA Authenticator app. New features have been added, such as the import of tokens and a new search function.


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