Two-Factor-Authentication at the Windows Desktop

You can install privacyIDEA Credential Provider on Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2008/2012. The privacyIDEA Credential Provider enhances the login with the username and the password by an additional OTP field. Here the user needs to enter a one time password, which he generated with a security token (hardware token, smartphone App, Email, SMS). This way the user is only able to login if he knows the password and is in possession of this security token.

This way you can implement a flexible two factor login with knowledge and possession at the windows desktop.

The privacyIDEA Credential Provider checks the OTP value against the privacyIDEA authentication server.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Ask us for an evaluation copy of the privacyIDEA Credential Provider.

Subscription for privacyIDEA Credential Provider

The subscription allows you to receive updates and support for the privacyIDEA Credential Provider. The privacyIDEA Credential Provider is an Add-On to the privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition.

Included in all subscription levels:

  • Support term 1 year: The subscription is agreed on for one year.
  • Product liability: The AGPLv3 license contains the passus WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. If you are running privacyIDEA productively you may need a product liability which is granted by NetKnights.
  • Product enhancements: Assure the continuous development of privacyIDEA and the privacyIDEA Credential Provider.
  • Easy installation and updates: You get a binary MSI package to easily install the Credential Provider on Windows Desktop and Windows Server.
  • Security and bug notification: You are informed regarding security aspects of the product and bugs via email.


starting at
12x5: Mon - Fri 8am-8pm CET
Response time: 4h
Installation in up to 10 domains/forests in your own data center
All users included
Telephone support
Preferred feature implementation


starting at
8x5: Mon - Fri 9am-5pm CET
Response time: 4h
Installation in one domain/forest
5000 users included
Telephone support
Preferred feature implementation

Small Business

starting at
8x5: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm CET
Response time: 8h
Installation in one domain/forest
500 users included