29. July 2022

Internal Hackathon at NetKnights

In retreat from the daily work routine, four NetKnights developers concentrated on the work on the future release 3.8 of the privacyIDEA server.

True to the motto “after the release is before the release”, some NetKnights developers retreated to work on issues for the privacyIDEA Server Release 3.8. At midsummer temperatures above 30 degrees, the heads were glowing.

Developing in a relaxed atmosphere

Creating space for open issues in the daily work routine is sometimes difficult. That’s why four NetKnights employees took two days out of their normal work environment to work on issues related to privacyIDEA Server Release 3.8.

Working on features for version 3.8 of privacyIDEA Server

Thanks to a small and concentrated group, it was possible to work in groups or alone on various new features for the server release. Main features that were worked on were the Microsoft CA connection and the authentication from the LDAP resolver via Kerberos. Among other things, these two new features will be implemented in version 3.8 of privacyIDEA Server, which will be released from the end of November / beginning of December.

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