17. October 2022

2FA customer workshop in Kassel

Customer workshop at NetKnights in Kassel. We discuss new features in privacyIDEA 3.8 and 2FA concerns from daily work.


At the foot of "Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe", a handful of customers met with NetKnights in a relaxed but intense atmosphere last week.
For one day, we exchanged questions and experiences.


In the morning, the NetKnights presented new features that will be realease with version 3.8 of privacyIDEA.
During the workshop the focus is on the use of the Yubikey as a smartcard for logging on to Windows systems.


At noon, we collected topics for the afternoon discussion. Logging on to Windows systems was also important to
the participants here. Experiences on the use of the privacyIDEA Credential Provider were exchanged.
Furthermore, questions like "How to make 2FA palatable to users?" or "Which experiences and concept for
enrollment have proven successful?" were discussed.

In another session we exchanged ideas about deployment strategies.


The concept was well received and we will submit it to the formats for our customer communications and hold
another workshop soon – probably in spring 2023.

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