17. October 2022

2FA customer workshop in Kassel

NetKnights GmbH held a customer workshop in Kassel. The new privacyIDEA version 3.8 was presented to the customers and the new features were discussed. The workshop was also a good opportunity to give our customers an insight into our daily work.


Let's talk about multi-factor authentication

Contact and communication with our customers is very important to us. That’s why NetKnights met with some of its customers last week for a collaborative workshop on multi-factor authentication with privacyIDEA. We spent a day exchanging questions and experiences relating to the open source software privacyIDEA.

NetKnights also presented software innovations associated with version 3.8 of privacyIDEA. The focus was on the use of the Yubikey as a smartcard for logging on to Windows systems.

As we wanted to make the workshop interactive, we collected topics for a joint discussion after the lunch break. It turned out that logging on to Windows systems was also an important topic for the participants here. We talked a lot about our customers’ experiences of using the privacyIDEA Credential Provider and exchanged ideas. Finally, deployment strategies were discussed in another session.

The customer workshop was very well received by all participants. We are already looking forward to the next workshop next year!

Latest news
26. March 2024
privacyIDEA in Pasadena
In March, three colleagues visited the Southern California Linux Expo in Pasadena to present privacyIDEA and NetKnights. Cornelius Kölbel, founder of NetKnights, also gave a presentation on “A decade of Open Source”.
19. March 2024
NetKnights GmbH has released version 4.3.0 of the privacyIDEA Authenticator app. New features have been added, such as the import of tokens and a new search function.


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