Happiness is knowing your limits and loving them.

(Romain Rolland)

We might not do the complete operations of your installation, but we support you where you are at a loss, or if you do not want to do some things yourself. We have the proper support offer for you.

privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition

privacyIDEA is Open Source and will stay Open Source licensed under the AGPLv3. This means that you can use the software freely – but without any warranty. The Open Source project privacyIDEA does many automated tests and provides a good test coverage. But if you need assurance for the software working correctly in your own environment and need to have fixed bugs in a timely manner, get the privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition including:

  • The vendors warranty for the software mitigating the “no-warranty” risk of the AGPLv3 or privacyIDEA open source.
  • Subscription to additional stable software packages of privacyIDEA for CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu LTS.
  • Consultancy and prioritized feature requests.
  • Professional support and Service Level Agreements.

One Time Services

If you only need support for planning or setting up a privacyIDEA installation we can also help you with consulting, workshops and one time services.