With all topics we also provide one time services. Thus you can perform all task and services within your company yourself and only ask for selective support at a certain time for a certain topic.

Please note: All services are only offered to companies! This is why you need to provide your VAT-ID.

Remote installation

Without a support contract we provide help with your installation of a privacyIDEA system. Also remote. Simple. Fast. Smooth.

We can provide the installation of a default system and an introduction to privacyIDEA starting at 2 hours remotely.

Consulting voucher

You have a current, immediate problem with privacyIDEA? You have questions regarding encryption or your PKI and want to discuss implementiation ideas?

No problem! We are here for you!

Support contingent

Instead of signing a support contract you can also purchase a support contingent. On your request we conduct the requested tasks or solve the reported problem on the agreed date. You do not need to write an order or pay an invoice for each and every small task. Keeping your and our paperwork simple.


We can show you the products in workshops. You can test them to your special needs and discuss all your requirements. Thus you can do your first steps in strong authentication and securing your identity easily.

Different standard workshops are possible:

  • 2 hours remote workshop
  • 4 hours remote workshop
  • 1 day workshop on site
  • 2 day workshop on site

Service Details

Support contingent

The support contingent is a time pool. It is supposed to ease your and our financial life. You purchase 8, 16 or more hours of services and consulting. Each time you need assistance, you do not have to get a quote and write an order or issue a payment. Without administrative barriers we can act quickly.

In contrast to the SLAs the support contingent does not guarantee defined response times. But within the contingent you can order tasks to your needs, be it support, consulting or a special workshop. In response to your request the tasks will be done at an agreed date. Time is accounted in steps of 15 minutes. The used time is subtracted from the support contingent and you get information about the remaining time.

Fast, straightforward – the way you like it!


Possible topics in a workshop can be:

  • Public Key Infrastructures,
  • the use of hardware security modules,
  • introduction to two factor authentication,
  • discussion and decision of the way of installation,
  • installation of systems,
  • introduction into the usage, the API and connection to other applications,
  • backup and restore of privacyIDEA,
  • redundant scenarios,
  • development of privacyIDEA modules.

The number of workshop participants is usually not limited. But the size of the group should be this, that a productive, sensible working and learning is possible.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]