You are being watched. The government has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. He designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything…

(Person of Interest)

Welcome to the future. The fear of the ruling parties to loose their power lead us more and more to a controlled world defined by distrust and again… fear.
If you distrust someone, you are filled with with fear since you are facing unknown, unpredictable situations created by the one you distrust. …and it’s all in your mind.

If you can shake off your fear or transform your fear you can start to trust. And trust in someone else connects you to those other people. Trust and connection is accompanied by love.

We are longing for a world that is not ruled by fear or distrust, but for a world that is full of trust, where we feel connected to each other, where “love is all around”. heart-195147_640

There are countries – or areas in certain countries – where noone locks his door, since they trust their neighbours, since they know their neighbours. They feel connected. When having the insight that we are all connected and everything will come back to you, it is much easier to create a world of trust and love.
We see authentication in IT-Security not as a distrust to the user, but as an attempt, to know the other one better, to get connected more closely and to create trust.

Opensoure is a great example for trust: Trust into the other developers to take the code and enhance it in a good way. Trust in the abundance of life. There is enough software, there are enough customers and users for each opensource product. Thus an opensource product can trustfully and easily passed on out of full, overflowing hands.

Everything that we give into the world will come back to us.

Open Source

We believe in the positive effect of open source.

Open source code has many often mentioned advantages. Several eyes can examine the source code. Bugs can be found by independent reviewers faster. Fixing those bugs is not only the competence of a few, who control the code. Back doors can be avoided.

NewTuxOpen source corresponds to the principles of evolution, just like nature shows us every day and has us shown forever. With small modifications the better concept will evolve in flora and fauna. Variations in the natural wildlife – not the multinational enterprise driven monocropping – strengthen the resistance to a wold wide pest infestation.

The Variations

Just like this open source tries new ideas for existing solutions by variations. Open source tests new concepts so that the better – or sometimes both – can persist.  A variety in the opensource landscape with different operating systems, different mail clients or different server applications is in the same way more resistant to a world wide “pest infestation”.

With opensource you, the customer, is not bound to a single vendor. Using open data formats you have the possibility to switch from one opensource product to another. And for the opensource products you can find the consultants and service provider who suits you the best.

Open code can motivate the developer to write better code. Just like an artist who knows and cherishes that his artwork will be displayed in public and inspected by everybody in detail.

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