Full Application Security Review


In addition to the continuous unit tests, code reviews and integration tests NetKnights is going to conduct a full application security review on the OTP and two factor authentication system privacyIDEA. This review will be done by prestigious external security experts. Moreover, it is planned to renew parts of this review on a regular basis.

This way the transparent open source software privacyIDEA will become even more reliable and trustworthy. You as a customer get a better service and an even more stable installation. In addition you will get early and regular reports and documentation of patching of any findings.

NetKnights – securing your identity!

New Prices

In this course we will adapt the prices for the service level agreements by Juli 15th. The support level “Small Business” will be at 139€ and the support level “Enterprise” at 389€ per month. The support level “Provider”, which allows the paralllel installation of unlimited privacyIDEA instances and is thus well designed for hosting providers, will cost 1399€ per month.

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