This year, the trade magazine “CIO Applications Europe” has chosen NetKnights as one of the TOP25 security companies. The editors emphasized the great success of Netknights meeting the individual needs of companies from different industries – for example the healthcare sector, where the privacyIDEA system cooperates with famos IT solutions such as Citrix, NetScaler, CiscoASA and also with many VPN and firewalls. Thus far, the print magazine is one of the leading IT media brands in Europe. Its rankings lay a special editorial focus on important technological innovations among various sectors.

Advancing further arguments for the election of Netknights, among others CIO Applications Europe especially mentioned the high transparency and flexibility of the 2FA solution: As open-source-based system privacyIDEA dedicates the complete ownership of the source code to its customers. Thus, administrators gain complete control adjusting the system.

As a modular system on-premise, privacyIDEA enables the installation of a highly secure environment for business data and identities – without sacrificing any functionality or flexibility. Concerning this matter, the CIO states:

„Holding an immense experience in identity management and authentication, NetKnights provides an array of relevant consulting services to deliver an optimal solution. NetKnights not only visits the customer’s premises to provide personalized consultancy but also conducts workshops to understand their requirements and design workflows. These consulting services range from the integration of hand-picked software into the client’s existing systems for the development of automation systems and connectors to streamline the workflows.”

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