The Fidesmo smartcard is addressed via NFC and can be used with smartphones. The Fidesmo smartcard can be used and managed with privacyIDEA

The Fidesmo smartcard is a crypto card. It communicates with a smartphone via NFC. Like the NFC enabled Yubikey it can store the secret key used for HOTP one time passwords safely in the hardware. The secret key is imported to the Fidesmo smartcard and will never leave the device. An App on the smartphone displays the one time password.


The Fidesmo Smartcard can also store private RSA keys. Thus it can be used for assymmetric cryptography like OpenPGP. This way you can use the card to sign and decrypt Emails or other data without the private key leaving the card. The private key will never be available in the smartphone and is safe against compromising attacks.


The Fidesmo smartcard can be used with privacyIDEA which manages all the users devices and keys.

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