WELCOME, privacyIDEA Administrator!

privacyIDEA  is a powerful and complex tool. You are reaching your limits or something is not working as expected?

No problem! NetKnights offers exactly the right Service Level Agreements for this. As core developers of privacyIDEA, we help you with your problems at defined reaction times.

We have an open ear and can let your feedback flow back into the privacyIDEA software on a long-term basis! Choose from a support level “Small Business”, “Enterprise” or “Provider” that suits you best, but we don’t want to leave you out in the rain.What problem do you have?

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For the product privacyIDEA we provide the suitable support with a defined response time and with fixed costs. A support contract runs for one year. Please ask us for 24×7 support. To get an idea of all the services contained in an SLA, you may download the support conditions.

Included in all support levels:

  • Support term 1 year: Der Supportvertrag wird für ein Jahr abgeschlossen.
  • Product liability: Die AGPLv3 Lizenz enthält den Passus ‚WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY‘. Wenn Sie privacyIDEA produktiv betreiben, erhalten Sie die Produkthaftung durch die NetKnights GmbH.
  • Product enhancements: Durch den Abschluss des Supportvertrags stellen Sie die kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung von privacyIDEA sicher.
  • Easy installation and updates: Es stehen Pakete für Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS oder Univention Corporate Server zur Verfügung, um eine schnelle Installation und einfaches Update zu ermöglichen.
  • Appliance: Es steht eine auf Ubuntu LTS basierte Appliance zur Verfügung.
  • Support via Email and Web: Support-Fälle können per Email oder Web-Interface eröffnet werden. Der Support-Verlauf kann im Webinterface verfolgt werden.
  • Security and bug notification:Per Email werden Sie über Sicherheitsaspekte und Bugs in den Produkte informiert.
  • Flatfile / LDAP: Alle Support-Level enthalten die Unterstützung für Benutzer in Dateien und LDAP-Verzeichnissen.


12x5: Mo - Fr 8am-8pm (CET)
Response time: 4h
Installations: unlimited in your own datacenter
All users included
Telephone support
Preferred implementation of features
3 days of consultancy
3 updates


starting at
8x5: Mo - Fr 9am - 5pm (CET)
Response time: 4h
1 productive installation
5000 users included
Telephone support
Preferred implementation of features
1 day of consultancy
1 update

Small Business

starting at
8x5: Mo - Fr 9am - 5pm (CET)
Response time: 8h
1 productive installation
500 users included


Try our Enterprise-Support for free with a first question and get a technical response according to our support times.

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