Our know how with several products for authentication and identity is based on many national and international customers projects.


The basis are directory services like OpenLDAP and Microsoft® Active Directory® but also SCIM.

Using Microsoft® CA, Linux and OpenSSL we can create heterogeneous PKIs and help managing such. We write a comprehensible and implementable PKI concept that can grow and develop according to your needs.

The SafeNet Authentication Manager (former Aladdin Token Management System) integrates seamlessly. Certificate based tokens and smartcards and also OTP tokens can be managed using this software. We have experiences with the installation and operation of redundant setups with several thousand devices.

When it comes to projects where you need to avoid a vendor lock and you must be able to combine authentication devices of different technologies and different vendors we recommend privacyIDEA.


Authentication devices

Having managed the website eTokenOnLinux for several years Cornelius Kölbel has experiences with many different smartcards on Windows® and Linux. The SafeNet eToken product family was used in many projects. eToken Pro and eToken NG OTP were enrolled and used on Windows®, Mac OS and Linux.

We gained experience with various OTP tokens like eToken PASS, Vasco DigiPass, Smartdisplayer cards and also especially the Yubikeys.

Hardware Security Modules

We use Hardware Security Modules (HSM) like SafeNet Protect Server External, SafeNet LunaSA and Yubico YubiHSM.