NetKnights GmbH is an independent IT security company which offers services and products for strong authentication (two factor authentication), identity management and encryption.

NetKnights GmbH was founded in Kassel in May 2014.

Dipl.-Phys. Cornelius Kölbel

Managing director

Cornelius Kölbel has more than 20 years experience in IT services. Since 2003 he focused on IT security. His expertise is in the area of content security, encryption and strong authentication. As head of product management he has been in charge of the design and development of the authentication product LinOTP and gave many talks about authentication on several fairs and events.

In 2014 he followed the calling of his heart and founded the NetKnights GmbHwhich now provides services around two factor authentication and special services with the privacyIDEA Enterprise Edition.



OSBA_Logo_4c_RZNetKnights GmbH is a member of the Open Source Business Alliance. Cornelius Kölbel is chair of the working group Security.




NetKnights GmbH is a member of the local IT Netzwerk e.V..