Driving force in IT support and quality management

with professional experience
We are looking for you as

Driving force in IT support and quality management

Your tasks

We are looking for you as a full-time support employee.
You will be responsible for building up and expanding the support team.
You know our customers, their setups and challenges.
For new releases of privacyIDEA and related components you check, whether the new releases could cause problems with the customer setups you know.

Internally, you represent the interests of our customers.
Our consultants have already done a good job and set up privacyIDEA on premises at the customers. If there are any problems or questions at the customer site, you will be responsible for recording them, answering them or forwarding them accordingly.

Our enterprise customers value our solution and services, our contacts are the IT departments, so we can communicate with our customers at eye level.

Our offer
  • You are working in a contemporary field of IT security.
  • We are an open company with an easy structure.
  • You can easily peek into other areas.
  • You can influence further development of privacyIDEA.
  • Join Open Source conferences!
Your profile

You should already have experience in dealing with customers from consulting projects
or working in support.
Our privacyIDEA is always part of a larger solution. We work in network situations,
i.e. at our customers we deal with Windows servers and Linux, with Active Directory,
LDAP, databases, RADIUS, SAML, VPNs and much more. We are the MFA experts!
But still a broad basic knowledge helps you to communicate appropriately with our customers.
To track down bugs, you need to know Linux at the command line.

You should be convinced about open source, security and privacy!
Since we serve international customers, speaking English and German is a must.

Meet our team and send your application with your preferred field of application directly by e-mail to Cornelius Kölbel.

About us

We strive for a world of trust and freedom. Trust and the certainty that everything is taken care of and that we are connected with others. Freedom to improve oneself, to understand and question things and freedom to choose the tools and products used. Freedom of choice in software.


Open source is a wonderful example of trust and freedom: trust in the code and in the work of other developers. The possibility of knowing the code creates trust. Trust in the abundance of life. The freedom to use software and develop it yourself. The knowledge that open source software is not subject to an arbitrary end-of-life decision by a software manufacturer. Open source software has the freedom to develop itself further – to live on.


Under these points of view the NetKnights GmbH develops the Open Source authentication solution privacyIDEA for the multi-factor authentication.

We wish ourselves colleagues, who want to work with us on the topic authentication based on these principles.


NetKnights enables you to work independently and self-organized. We are regularly visiting various Open Source conferences with a stand or presentation on the subject of privacyIDEA. You also have the opportunity to take part in such conferences and to share your knowledge with others and to expand your own knowledge.